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Green Scope Solutions (GSS) is a nationwide turn key lighting retrofit company handling everything from the audit to the rebate procurement and to the implementation of the  entire lighting project. Our focus is to increase revenue for our clients by reducing energy costs and to reduce energy consumption through green lighting retrofits.

Case Studies

Manufacturing Plant - Case Study

Lighting is a really important part of the automotive shopping experience and at the same time one of its largest expenses. lighting for this dealership accounted for more than 50% of its total energy cost. In an increasingly competitive market its critical for dealerships to reduce operating costs to increase earnings.

Prior to the retrofit, the dealerships lighting added up to approximately 600,000 kWh annually. After the LED Retrofit, the electricity consumption fell to 200,000 kWh for a 67% reduction in usage. When factoring in what they paid per kWh for electricity they ended up saving over $30,000 a year!!


Our customer had 20 separate locations all of which were with the utility and paying prices much higher than available through our vast network of alternative energy suppliers. We were tasked with lowering the prices they currently pay per kWh used as well as lowering the overall amount of energy they consumed through performing an LED retrofit.

Budget certainty was important so we secured 36 month All in Fixed pricing for each of these locations at rates 30% lower than what they were paying with the utility. After conducting a thorough energy audit at each location we were able to replace all of their inefficient lighting with quality LED solutions that reduced their overall demand by 75%!! Not only are they using much less energy but they are also paying significantly less for that energy by allowing us to secure their Supply contracts in each of their locations that were in deregulated territories.