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1 E. Erie Suite 507
Chicago IL. 60610
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Green Scope Solutions (GSS) is a nationwide turn key lighting retrofit company handling everything from the audit to the rebate procurement and to the implementation of the  entire lighting project. Our focus is to increase revenue for our clients by reducing energy costs and to reduce energy consumption through green lighting retrofits.

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About Us

Green Scope Solutions (GSS) provides lighting retrofit solutions that reduce utility costs and operating expenses.  We have extensive expertise in actively seeking government and utility incentives in order to maximize return and minimize cost.

By replacing high wattage lighting with more energy efficient lighting you'll be able to improve the quality of your facility's lighting while decreasing your energy costs.  This provides one of the best returns on investment of any improvement.

Our Retrofitting  solutions are simple and straightforward; we provide real cost savings , can enhance the value of your property, benefit the environment and won't disrupt your business during installation.  Plus, we provide payment solutions tailored to your needs that can greatly reduce your out of pocket expenses.

Leveraging our extensive experience with rebates and tax incentives , GSS can ensure that you take full advantage of financial opportunities available in today's green economy.